Saturday, January 31, 2009

I wonder...

--how my kids can go from happy as little critters one minute to feet-flailing, fist-throwing, screaming, temper-showing toddlers the next minute. Sometimes we look at them as if they've lost their minds, and then we wonder if we've lost ours.

--why the kid behind the counter at Dairy Queen laughed at us when we asked what a Dilly Bar was. Was some sort of sexual inuendo that we didn't get???

--why chasing the kids around the house isn't enough exercise to make me drop a few pounds?? I feel like I never get to sit down.

--how my kids can eat up a meal at one sitting like it was the most delicious thing to ever cross their lips and then snarl their noses up the next time I fix it and disgustedly proclaim, "I don't like it!!!"

--if there's anyone that doesn't know about the TV switch that going to happen in February!

--when I see people driving new cars, wearing name brands, building huge houses, if they're going into debt to afford that lifestyle, and then I thank God that I'm not going into debt anymore, and then I pray for those people that they ARE living within their means and that they actually CAN afford those luxuries!!!

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