Saturday, February 7, 2009

T-ball and FULLY potty trained

We signed Layton up for T-ball the other night. I was totally ready to take pictures of him handing his form and check to the lady there, like any good scrapbooker and blogger would. It just didn't turn out as picturesque as I had imagined though. There were just a bunch of dads standing around talking like little league was their life and one woman shivering in the cold taking money. Oh well! There will still be plenty of photo-ops during the season!! He's so excited, and we're hoping that he'll be on the same team with his cousin and some of his friends.

Layton is FULLY potty-trained. He has actually be daytime potty trained since he was 20 months old, but we hadn't quite conquered the night time. However this week, with Dave Ramsey engrained on our mind, we were out of grocery money and he was out of pull-ups. So we braved the night. We didn't let him have anything to drink after like 6:30 and then when he got up in the night (like he always does) we made him go potty then too. So far he's made it 3 nights with no accidents, and he's so proud of himself. I think his little ego took a hit when we let Ainslee wear panties to bed before we let him wear underwear. She's been day time potty trained since she was about 18 months and went for a few months without tee-teeing in her pull-ups when she slept, but wouldn't you know it, the night we let her try to sleep in her panties, she had an accident. Now she's a little gun-shy and doesn't want to try that again. Oh well I have a sneaky suspicion, that won't last long. There's not much that Layton does that Ainslee doesn't want to try too! Ava's even been sitting on the potty (with her clothes on!) when the bigger kids use the bathroom. She's only 15 months, and we're not getting our hopes up, but whoa! the money we could save....

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