Sunday, February 15, 2009


Okay so evidently, even FULLY potty-trained kids have an accident or two every now and then..And that's okay except it is leading me to have to completely remake my couch cushions. It's not totally his fault. Let me explain. Layton had skipped a nap and was VERY tired! He fell asleep on the couch and...had an accident. Well I'm totally grossed out by pee cushions so I had the brilliant idea to take the cover off and run it through the washing machine and soak the foam & batting in vinegar & water and then let it air dry in the beautiful day that was predicted. If you know anything about foam, you know more than me, and probably realize that fully soaked foam takes more like 20 years to dry, rather than just one nice day. So someone (ahem..Trey) left the cushions out overnight, and wouldn't you know it? A nice rain storm came through, and it rained ALL night. So now the cushions will probably never get dry all the way through; definitely not before they mildew, which is probably my least favorite smell in the whole world. So now I'm in the market for some really thick foam, like you see on those decorating shows. Does anybody know where to find that??? I think I can just cut out the shape of the cushion and will be all set. Wish me luck, and if you know of anything else to do when your child urinates on your furniture, send that my way too!

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