Friday, December 14, 2007


We had our first experience with stitches today, and wouldn't you know it, it was Ainslee who needed them: our little dare-devil. She actually was not doing anything daring but walking. She fell and split her lip open on the edge of a play table. Mrs. Joyce called and said she'd fallen so I went and got her and took her to the pediatrician's office. He told us that he didn't want to sew her up, that she needed to be under anesthesia and needed a plastic surgeon to do it so off we went to the ER where they told us that the ER doctor would be holding her down and doing the stitches with only local anesthesia! I very kindly told them that no he would not, that Dr. Burns had sent us to see a plastic surgeon. So the ER doctor called and got one to come over. However, the plastic surgeon was detained by someone with more of an emergency than a busted lip; so the ER doctor and 4 nurses held my precious baby down and stitched her up. It only took two and she was quite a trooper. I think it was much more traumatic for me than for her. They said she shouldn't eat until midnight but she wanted a cheeseburger so a cheeseburger she got! She'll get those stitches off on Wednesday. The doctor assured me that I would be the only one that ever noticed a scar. We'll see! Luckily I invested in accidental injury insurance and am very happy that I'm getting to use it without a major accident!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Wiggles

Ok What's the deal with The Wiggles? We have just recently been introduced to these men and are a little confused. Who is the pirate? the dinosaur? all those other people dressed like pirates? And why do they shake their pointers all the time? And what's up with the guy sleeping? We can't really figure out the point of the show, but Layton really loves it! It has pretty much replaced Barney!