Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Wiggles

Ok What's the deal with The Wiggles? We have just recently been introduced to these men and are a little confused. Who is the pirate? the dinosaur? all those other people dressed like pirates? And why do they shake their pointers all the time? And what's up with the guy sleeping? We can't really figure out the point of the show, but Layton really loves it! It has pretty much replaced Barney!

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Joanna Ashlock said...

Aawww, we love Wiggles!! We have almost nightly concerts with Daniel and his guitar singing "Play Your Guitar with Murray." The kids have a Lightening McQueen chair that has a steering wheel on the back, so they sit behind it and sing "Big Red Car." We have the game Elefun which comes with an elephant figure whose trunk stands up and it's supposed to shoot out butterlies that you catch. My children pretend it's the Jeff balloon, so they get it out and sing "Where's Jeff?"

If Layton likes to sit at the computer, you can find lots of Wiggles videos on YouTube. Daniel loves that!