Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday...

This post is part of "Hi/Lo Thursday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Hi/Lo" posts.

This is my first attempt at Hi/Lo Thursday so it's taking a while to get the gears cranking. While I'm thinking, let me point you to the Riggs Family Blog and encourage you to check it out. I find myself returning just to read old posts and get the updates on their four-year old, Abby who is battling leukemia.

Okay so here goes. I think our high for the week would have to be our amazement and wonderment about how smart we think our two year old Ainslee is going to be. I know, I know, I'm biased; I'm her mother. But hear me out... on Wednesday (trash day) we were headed down the driveway, and when we got to the end, she said, "Daddy, did you take the trash out?" And he replied, "No, it's not Wednesday." (thrown off from the Monday holiday) Then all of a sudden he realized it was and we went back and got the trash can. How did she know?? See...pure genius!

And our low...I think that would have to be our daily struggle of being a family of five with only one vehicle and parents who work 20 miles apart with kids' day care in between. It's very hard to get out the door every morning by 6:30 to take Trey to work so that I can get back to my work by 7:35. We try not to complain too much about it, but it does really tire us.

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