Saturday, January 10, 2009


I think things are working out...We will stay put for a while unless God makes it clear that He has other plans for us...My sister has looked at a couple of houses but will stay with my parents for now and save some money. I really enjoy them living with my parents because that means that they're living right next to us! I love getting to spend time with her and getting to see Tyler all the time. We saw Bride Wars today, and the last line, I thought really summed up my relationship with my sister. I just love her so much.

I think she might dive into the Dave Ramsey plan as well. I am going to attempt to show her how to use the budgeting forms, but a Baptist church in town will be holding classes soon, and she might sign up for those.

Oh and on my blog roll, there's a caring bridge update for Bradie Cook. I went to high school with her dad and mom, and she is getting to come home from the hospital for a while. Please keep them in your prayers. She was born very early and weighed less than a pound. Now she's up to 3 1/2 pounds and doing well. She'll go back for surgery on the 28th and after recovery will be home for good I believe.

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