Tuesday, August 26, 2008

still concerned...

Layton's having a hard time going to Mrs. Joyce's house. He's been very clingy and hasn't wanted me to leave him. This morning Mrs. Joyce said she thinks he's having a harder time with Konner not being there than we thought. Konner was his only same-age playmate. There are two boys a year older than him that will start kindergarten next year, but they're the big boys now and don't really want to play with Layton. Then there is one boy that will start the year after Layton that he plays OK with, but that little boy is more like Ainslee's age. Mrs. Joyce usually takes into consideration the ages of her kids when she's deciding which new ones she's going to take and which ones she's not. Layton and Konner were paired as playmates long before they were actually friends. So he's having a hard time finding a new play mate. I think he's stuck in the middle right now. Y'all pray for him. He needs a friend.

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