Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ferber continued

Well I told you I wouldn't post everyday, and I stuck to my word! I didn't put anything yesterday, but let me just say that the last two nights have been blissful for Ava! She has slept beautifully! And my friend Sara told me that they started the Ferber method with her son Tad, and he is also sleeping well! Yay Tad!

Now if we could just get the older two sleeping, we'd be all set! Ainslee's paci is about to get thrown out of the window! The last few nights she's woken up a couple of times crying because it's fallen out of her mouth, and she can't find it! She used to be such a good sleeper! What's happened!?! Maybe she's teething. I use that excuse for everything!

Layton still comes in our room around 2:30 or so, and he sleeps on a pallet. I guess that could be worse! Well I know it could be because he used to sleep in our bed! Our next mission is to get them to sleep in their beds all night. I have no idea how to accomplish that! Suggestions welcome!

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Robyn said...

We stooped to the "Prize Fairy" when we desperatley needed Brooke to sleep in her own bed before Blaire. The deal was if she went to sleep in her own bed and stayed in there, in the morning the prize fairy would have left her something outside her door. It was usually a piece of candy, trinket I stashed away, etc but she loved it. I really don't know how it ever stopped, she kind of forgot I guess. She still talks about it and asks why Blaire never got a "Prize Fairy". I think I read it in Parents magazine, not that they recommended it, I think it was written in by a reader. Good luck-