Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I feel sad tonight. Layton's friend, Konner, passed away this evening. If you don't already know, he is a three year old little boy that stays with the same babysitter as Layton. He suffered a TBI. My sister called me while we were eating dinner; we had already prayed for Konner like we always do. She actually called during the prayer so I had to call her back. I went ahead and told Layton. Yesterday Layton had asked me where Jesus is, and I told him that he was in heaven with God and explained in 3 year old terms that heaven is in the sky above the clouds and that we can't see Jesus or God but that they're always there. So tonight I just told Layton that Konner went to live with Jesus and God in heaven. He asked if when he woke up (he had been in a coma and we had been praying for Konner to wake up then switched to praying that he would get better), he could come play at Mrs. Joyce's house. I told him that he wasn't going to wake up, that he was just going to go to heaven with Jesus and God. Layton kind of stared at me for a minute and then said he didn't want to talk about that anymore. So we didn't.

I don't really know what he thinks about it. I wondered if it was too much for his little mind to grasp so he just didn't want to think about it or if he wanted to think about and talk about it later. I'm not going to push him. He's never been shy about asking questions so I know if he has any, he'll ask. I think that kids have a better way of dealing with some things; sometimes they can see the big picture better than we can.

Layton's prayed this entire time. I don't know how to say this without it sounding like I'm thinking that God didn't answer our prayers; I know He hears our prayers and answers them according to His plan and that we don't always get the answer that we wanted, but I just never imagined that Layton's prayer, a prayer offered by an innocent three year old, wouldn't be answered just the way we expected. He's prayed that Konner would get better so he could come play with him at Mrs. Joyce's house; that's what he's said every single time. Well he won't be coming to Mrs. Joyce's house, but he is better.

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