Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I feel better about how Layton is handling losing Konner. Yesterday I was worried because he didn't want to talk about it and didn't have any questions; usually he asks a million questions even if he already knows the answers! Tonight, though, when we were about to say our prayer, he stopped me and said, "Mama, we don't have to pray for Konner anymore; he's all better now."

Then tonight he asked how Konner got in the boat. Puzzled? Yeah I was too. I asked him what boat, and he said with Jesus and God. I told him that Jesus and God weren't in a boat, and he got very defensive and said yes they were too; then he showed me his bible that showed Noah's ark and told me they were on that boat. So we got into a huge discussion about Noah and the ark and then found a page of what I felt best represented heaven, and he settled on Konner being there.

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Joanna Ashlock said...

You're a great mom! Layton is definitely learning an important lesson about praying faithfully no matter what happens. What an important lesson you have taught him!