Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random update

Well I think it's time, once again, for an overall update on the Kordsmeiers! The girls had doctor appointments today, and they went very well. Ainslee weighed in at 26 pounds, and Ava was a near 2nd at 25 pounds. Ainslee was 35 inches long, and Ava as 30. They're both tall for their age, but Ainslee is average weight (50th percentile), and Ava is a little on the husky side ( >97th percentile). They're both doing great developmentally, crawling for Ava, running and jumping for Ainslee. They drew blood to test Ainslee for anemia, and we have to bring Ava back in about a month because her head circumference jumped so much (from the 80th to the 95th percentile). If it's still growing at that rate, they'll do a CT scan to check on the inside. The doctor said, though, that it's very likely that they just caught her at a growth spurt and all is well.

Layton is still doing okay trying to figure out about Konner. It's very hard for him to understand. I think my explanations of things have contributed to his lack of understanding though. For example, it's confusing him that I told him that heaven is high up above the clouds. When I said that, it was beautiful day with white fluffy clouds in the sky. Now that we're having thunder and lightening, Layton's a little more concerned for Konner's well-being. He has lots of questions about heaven: are there dogs there? are there toys for Konner to play with? does he want his mommy? I'm trying to do my best to explain it, but sometimes he stumps me. Sometimes I just have to tell him that I don't know. Layton is still VERY clingy to me, especially when it's time for me to leave him at Mrs. Joyce's house. It's hard for me to leave him while he's crying like that.

Friday my van got hit by a bus. Luckily, none of us were in it, and funnily enough, no one was in the bus either. I had parked behind the school because I had morning duty, the bus driver parked her bus and went in to clock in. Her breaks went out, and it rolled right in to my van! Some kids got off of another bus saying, "Mrs. Kordsmeier, that bus just hit a van back there! Cool!" It wasn't cool. I knew it was my van! DPS came out and did the report, they towed my van, and now I'm waiting on it to be fixed. I am driving a rental right now, which isn't half bad. It's a 2008 Explorer with leather seats and a sun roof that Layton has fallen in love with!

Trey and I are going to participate in the Fireproof project at church and the 40 day love dare. We're very excited...well I am anyway; I don't know that Trey is 'excited' but he's not against the idea. More on that to come...

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Robyn said...

I meant to warn you about the Honda Odessey curse. We had ours for 3 days and a huge rock from a mower on the highway hit us in the windshield and it couldn't be fixed without a new windshield. The very next day Ayric ran into the back of my sister at a red light, causing enough damage to require body work. After that we started noticing lots of vans like ours with minor damage like ours. We really can't figure it out, I would say women drivers, mini vans and all but Ayric is responsible for all the damage to ours! We still love it though. Also... I know that must be hard for Layton. Have you looked for any books that might help? I saw some childrens books on death one time at books-a-million. Sounds like you are doing a good job though. It is so hard with kids, when Murray our dog unexpectedly died 2 years ago, Brooke was furious that God had taken her dog. She would go outside and look up for him and then she even told me to send God and email and to ask him if we could please have him back. That was 2 years ago and she still prays every night for God to make sure Murray is ok and has other dogs to play with etc. She almost gts choked up when she prays about him and then she is fine. Events like that just take lots of time I guess. I hope he gets better about you leaving him soon-