Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pick Up Toys

We have a problem in our house getting Layton and Ainslee to pick up their toys. Usually I have to repeat myself 100 times, and they would rather play or watch TV than pick up. I'm trying something new. Today when I told them to pick up, I let them pick up as much as they could (or would, I guess) and then let them go about their business. Then I went through with what we're calling "Mom's Toy Box" and picked up what was left. Now those toys are off-limits and can't be played with until...well, that part I haven't figured out. I don't know what's appropriate. This is only applying to the toys left out in shared areas like the living room, kitchen, and even the play rooom because of its location; the toys left out in their rooms I'm not going to get, yet. Here's my stash for today; it includes most of their favorite toys so hopefully when playtime rolls around again, they'll get the full effect.

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Joanna Ashlock said...

Great idea! Remind me when ya'll come to tell you how we solve the picking up toys dilemma. Keep us posted how your solution is working!