Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bible Class

Trey and I have had a very difficult time getting our kids to go to class and stay without us. We have tried different things. We've stayed with them, let them cry, left them home with my parents, taken them to class with us, taught the class; you get the picture. Today at about 3:30, during snacks, we started talking about class and how they needed to stay. Layton immediately started crying. We went through the agenda of class: snack, lesson, play, get picked up. Then he asked if we would come get him when class was over, and we assured him that we would always come back to get him, that we would not go home without him, that we enjoy his company and want him around, yada yada yada. So time to go to class rolls around, and he started crying, which made Ainslee start crying, but we left them anyway. Our class is right down the hall so we could hear them cry. Finally Trey decided to get up and go check on them, and all of a sudden, the crying stopped. He came back and sat down, and they didn't cry anymore! They made it! They made it all the way to the end of class! We hugged and kissed them and told them how proud we were of them. This could be the beginning of something wondeful!

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