Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Help me out with this one...

I was sitting here catching up on everybody's blogs, and Layton came running in saying, "The rooster is caught in the the carpet...under there..." I have no idea what he's talking about...We don't have a rooster, not even a play one, and the only waterfall I think they've ever been exposed to is the one on Dora Meets Diego...I'll have to think on that one a little bit more.

And a brief update on us:

Layton is 3 and all that that implies; he has gotten so un-shy lately! He talks to everybody that comes over, and even says Hi to the people we pass at Wal-Mart...Everyday he wakes up and says, "Where are we going?" He knows in two weeks we are going to Richard and Joanna's house and is excited about playing with "Jennel" He is totally obsessed with turning 4...still.

Ainslee will be 2 in 3 weeks and her days are filled with taking care of her babies and reading books, along with aggravating her big brother...She's still very apprehensive around people she doesn't know, but she's getting much better about warming up to people...She even let Joe, my cousin's husband, pick her up to put her on his tail-gate and sat right beside him!

Ava is 8 1/2 months...She's not crawling yet, but she's wanting to go so bad...She's eating almost everything now, but something is bothering her tummy...We can't quite figure it out; She's a night-owl and usually doesn't want to go down for the night until about 10:30...We're struggling on getting a night-time routine set for her...It's harder to teach her to go to sleep on her own than the other two were; I don't know if it's because we know she's our last so we're more willing to rock her or if we're just not was willing to let her cry as we were the other two. I don't mind rocking her, but I haven't mastered laying her down without waking her up; any tips on that are welcome.

Trey and I are doing good. Trey's still working at the same place but is always looking for another job. I go back to work in August. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm really going to miss these three kiddos the drive me so crazy! Oh and I'm NOT pregnant! woohoo...This is the longest I've gone without getting pregnant again, and I think it's worth celebrating!!

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Joanna Ashlock said...

How precious!! We can't wait to see ya'll!