Monday, June 1, 2009

The Shred...Cute kids...Prayer request

So I ordered the Shred...Ever heard of it?? No?? Well obviously you're new to the blog-o-sphere because every person whose blog I read that I don't actually know in real life (did you know people read people's blog that they don't even know! Do I have any readers that I don't know??? Probably not!) Anyway...Where was I? Oh yeah...The Shred...Everybody whose blog I read is talking about the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. It all started when I read this post a while a back on Big Mama's blog and read the post that she hyperlinked and decided that I needed to give that bad boy a try. So yesterday (a good month later) I ordered it off of a reputable website and paid for it with paypal just to be safe so that I don't relive the horrible debacle! (No! I still have not gotten my stinkin' diet pills!) So in the next week or so I expect to be shredding these pounds right off! Wish me luck!

Does anyone else think that their own kids are so stinking cute??? Oh my gosh! I just think I have the cutest kids EVER! Let me gush for just a moment! Layton, my darling, tender-hearted, Layton, upon hearing that we weren't going to church a couple of Sundays ago because the girls were sick and Daddy was having to go to work, got a little teary-eyed. He wiped his eyes and said, "I'm not going to cry; I don't know why my eyes are getting all wet." Bless his heart! He tries to be such a big boy! And did y'all know that he's fast??? Oh my word! That boy can run! I think we may put him in soccer just because he can run so fast! (Oh and Jason Rankin...if you're reading sure to give Trey a super hard time about that!!!) And Ainslee has this cute little habit, when she's in an agreeable mood to answer everything with a simple, "Sure." It's very quick and a little high-pitched. "Ainslee, will you take Ava her cup?" Sure! lol...maybe you have to be there! Her life is a musical, usually to the tune of the Wonder Pets. She was...ahem..on the potty the other day singing, "There's the mirror...I see Ava..." She's sings ALL the time! Speaking of Ava....she's gotten the cutest little personality. The other night she was making these dramatic, surprised faces where her mouth in a perfect oval and her eyes wide with shock. She expects you to mimic her face, and if you look away for a second, she gently grabs your chin to move your face back to hers and says, "Hey, hey." I was dying laughing. Every time I would look away, she would do it again! It was so funny...We should have videoed it! If you ever want to distract her from anything, all you have to do is say, "Want to go get some shoes???" Works like a charm! That girl loves shoes!

Oh we go back to Dallas next week for Layton's check-up with his asthma/allergy doctor! He's doing very well lately, but with t-ball, we're having to do more breathing treatments than we were before. I am thinking that the doctor may leave him where he is, medicinally speaking. (I didn't actually think that was a word, but speck checker didn't catch it!) I just hope he doesn't up his meds again. That stuff is expensive, and there's not a lot of generics! Say a little prayer for that, if you don't mind!


Jamie said...

Let me just tell you, I LOVE the 30 Day Shred!!!!! I actually just completed the 30 days a couple of days ago. I have to say that I don't think I lost any weight, but a can see a HUGE difference in my muscle tone. I HIGHLY recommend it! It is a challenge, that's for sure. I did it mostly with a friend, which helped with the motivation alot. We would try to do it first thing in the morning 6 am. If you can stick to it, I know you'll see results!!! Good luck!

Delisa said...

Now you can say you do personally know someone that shreds! I have been going back and forth from the shred to the 'no more trouble zones' that Jillian also did. Got them both from Target. The shred is nice on days I don't have much time, and I do the other when I have about an hour (40 minute workout, 5 min. warmup, 5 min. cooldown, 10 min. to sit and try to stop my muscles from shaking). Lost 5 pounds so far and can actually FEEL my muscles getting stronger. You'll hate Jillian, but love what it does for your body!

Robyn said...

Maybe I should try the Shred...did you really have to order it? Delisa said Target for under 10.00 maybe something different. And let me say I hope your diet pills never come in....all diet pills are BAD!!! (in my humble opinion), plus working out has to be so much better for you! Miss you guys-