Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's summer!!!!!!

Woohoo!!! It's summer!!! School's out! It's hot! The A/C runs non-stop, and I am loving every minute of it! We are off to a great start! Last year I told myself over and over and over that last summer would definitely be the hardest one! Ava was still taking a morning nap and Layton's and Ainslee's schedules weren't quite in sync. There was never a minute in the day when they were all asleep. They were all very, very needy and drained more out of me than I thought I had to give. But man, oh man, this year has been great so far. They play all morning, eat lunch, lay down for naps at the same time, wake up, have a snack and play some more! I'm trying not to worry about how I'll get in the important stuff like housework and TV. That kind of stuff can wait until the weekends or until the kids are old enough to clean the house themselves while I sit back, turn the TV on, and read a book during the commercials. Y'all don't mind if my house is a little messy or if my clothes aren't perfectly ironed, right??

OK so what have we been doing with ourselves since school is out and Mommy doesn't have to go to work??? Well this week is vacation bible school at church. Layton LOVES it...Ainslee...not so much. She must like it a little, though, because they came home and set up all the chairs and put on a puppet show and play "bacation bible school". We have big plans to do LOTS of bowling since a bowling alley in town offers two free games every day per child. Can't beat free! On Saturdays, I am planning on taking them to storytime at Books-a-Million. Other than that, we dont' have a lot planned! Just the normal, play outside, watch out for snakes, run through the sprinklers, lazy kind of days.

I'm hoping to fit in some scrapbooking too. I still have a gift certificate to the scrapbooking store that I need to redeem. When Trey works weekends, he'll have a day off during the week so I think those days will be perfect for me to hide out and work on my scrapbooks. I am pretty far behind. I have about 4 pages of 2005 done, and that's about all I've had time for since having kids!

I also like to plan the kids birthday parties in advance. Ainslee's birthday is August 3. I am planning an evening party on that day (it's a Monday) complete with a wading pool, a slip & slide, sand area, and maybe sponge throw. I think we'll serve hot dogs since that's around dinner time. I bought sand pails to give as party favors that they can use in the sand area. Do y'all have any other ideas? Games? Cake? I was thinking about either doing floats, an ice cream cake, or sundaes. I am going to start on the invitations this week.

My two friends and I are leaving the kids and husbands at home and going to Kansas City to see our good friend, Suzanne, get married. It's July 4 weekend. We'll fly out of Dallas Saturday morning and fly back in Sunday morning. It's going to be a quick trip, but we're looking forward to the time away. I'm a little nervous about flying. I've flown several times before, but I usually take enough Dramamine that I sleep for the whole flight. Since I need to be fairly coherent not long after landing, I don't know if that will be an option. I keep trying to think of friends that have flown recently (like ever!) and have made it there and back safe and sound. That makes me feel better when I hear success stories, ya know?


Robyn said...

Glad you are having a great summer! Also, Toy Castle has story time on Wednesdays at 11. Cinderella this month and Captain somebody next month. We all flew to Disney in March and it was great. I am a little apprehensive about flying since 9/11 but it was truly fine. The trip to KC is short, should be great fun with your friends and no kiddos!!!

The Henrys said...

Cool Whip doesn't have dairy in it? I've never looked but believe me, I will be checking for it the next time I go to Wal-Mart. Thanks for the tip and I'm glad you're having such a good summer. I'm loving this time with my kids too. They are at such a good age!