Friday, March 20, 2009

Proof that Trey's the neat freak!

As if you needed proof!!

I overheard this mini-conversation while Trey was dust-busting the edges of floor:
Layton: Can it be my turn next Daddy?
Trey: No way; this is all me!

And today while Ainslee was playing with her play cleaning things, I heard her say, "I'm cleaning...I'm cleaning just like Daddy."

I know that doesn't look good on me. I promise I do some cleaning, and I makes LOTS of lists of things that need to be cleaned, but by far Trey is the one that stresses about everything being clean!

Disclaimer: This post makes it sound like our house is immaculately kept, and it is NOT. If you come over unannounced, you will definitely find a cluttered counter, dishes in the sink, and beds unmade, but you will not find one crumb!


Joanna Ashlock said...

I can personally vouch for Trey's cleaning. I was shocked last weekend as I watched him immediately clean the kitchen after each time we ate! Yeah for Trey!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Trey can come clean for me if he likes :) x.