Friday, March 20, 2009

Ava has beautiful skin except....

Ava has the most beautiful skin of all my children except for one problem area...her upper lip.

For the past few MONTHS it has been broken out all but maybe a day or two here and there. We'll get it cleared up, and then her nose runs (as always!) and it breaks right back out.

This morning when she woke up it was really bad. I guess it had been itching her during the night because it's pretty much raw and her sheets had blood on them.

I don't know what to do, and I am definitely open to suggestions! In fact, if you think someone you know might know something we can do, please forward this post on!

Here are the things that we already use because of Layton's and Ainslee's excema-prone skin:

*Tide or All Free & Clearn laundry detergent
*Bounce Free fabric softener
*Suave Free & Clear Children's shampoo
*Dove for Sensitive Skin soap
*Cetaphil cream
*Neither Trey nor I wear cologne or perfume
*We also have a variety of different Rx excema creams of different steroid strengths on hand(which are not approved for her from the Dr.) as well as Elidel (which hasn't been approved for her either); we are wiling to use them on her if we are told that they're safe for her skin. She wasn't old enough when they were prescribed.
I should also mention that she's seen her pediatrician twice already for this spot. He gave her an ointment (not for excema) and an anti-viral. I do have an appt scheduled with a dermatologist for April 2, but I don't know what to do until then with it being so bad right now!
Oh yeah and click on the pictures to see them closer up!

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Rebecca Louise. said...

I have seen these type of breakouts on thw wards I haver worked on. It sounds like you have used all the creams out there. The only thing I could suggest is what you are doing by seeing a dermatologist. Also, make sure she eats food rich in iron as it will help the break out to heal quicker and lessen scarring :)