Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm stressed...

and feeling completely overwhelmed right now! But I just took some of the wonderful herbal stress pills that Joanna gave me and said a very specific prayer so I am feeling better. If you would like to pray for my stress level here are some specifics you might want to mention:
*that we can make it to the grocery store tonight (all 5 of us) in the pouring down rain
*that I can get the budget budgeted tonight
*that the kids will have some great quality time tomorrow with my in-laws instead of displaying their separation anxiety that has come on rather suddenly
*that I will be able to help my sister get a lot done at her house tomorrow
*that Ava's lip will heal already
*that we can go to church Sunday without kids crying in their classes (see...separation anxiety)
*also thank you to God that we have a grocery store, money to budget, kids that love us so much they don't want to be apart from us, 2 sets of grandparents that love our kids, my sister & her new house, doctors and medications to treat Ava's lip, freedom of religion, and wonderful congregations in town!


Robyn said...

way to stay positive girl..i'll say a prayer for you....

Joanna Ashlock said...

I know that overwhelming how did it turn out? Everything okay?