Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Bunny & Oreo Balls

I am so excited that the Easter bunny is coming to our house tonight!!! Does the Easter bunny (wink, wink) come to yours??? Our kids are getting candy (no chocolate), sunglasses, & umberellas. The bunny doesn't bring big gifts to our house; he brings small things that they've been wanting for a while that I really don't buy in our every day outings. What are your kids getting?

I'm also in the middle of making some fabulous oreo balls! I can't wait to rip into those bad boys! I have never actually made anything with almond bark before, and I'm not really enjoying waiting for it to melt on the stove. I should probably be stirring it right now since the package says in all caps DO NOT OVERHEAT!


Robyn said...

We don't get big gifts either...candy, a movie and a little keepsake doll. Good to see you guys again-

Joanna Ashlock said...

My poor children don't know who the Easter Bunny is. But, we had a fabulous time making Rice Krispie Treat eggs. Make as directed on the box, then shape into eggs. (Rub butter on your hands first!) The kids dipped in the eggs in melted chocolate almond bark then in colored sprinkles. We had a blast! And they were delicious!

Melt that almond bark in the microwave 30 seconds at time. Much easier than the stove!

Jamie said...

Katie, so glad to know you have a blog too! I love these things! I love oreo balls too! Yummo!! You're family is beautiful!