Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Trey and I have recently had two opportunites to grow stronger, both as a couple and individually. First we have decided to take part in Financial Peace University offered at the Baptist church here in town. Second we are taking the marriage enrichment class at our church that is based on the movie Fireproof, which if you haven't seen it yet, GO SEE IT!

FPU: We go on Monday nights from 6-8. We watch a 30-45 minute video of Dave Ramsey at a live class and then break into small groups for discussion. This is big for us. We are both HORRIBLE at money. We overspend, underplan, and don't budget! For the first time in our married life, we both feel like we're getting a plan. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can envision a house being built, no car payments, no sick feeling at the end of the month when I go online to see if there's enough money to last until the next payday. When Dave's talking in his videos, he says a lot, "When we were broke..." Trey and I decided that we can't wait to use that phrase! We can't wait to have broke in the past tense! The first step is getting $1,000 in an emergency fund. That's the step we're working on now. I was feeling very discouraged about it because it's harder than it sounds! But then last night in class, we anonymously wrote how much we had put back in the last 3 weeks toward that fund, and we were right smack dab in the middle! Then we anonymously wrote how much debt we all have, and we were a little north of the middle but definitely not at the top. That's very encouraging to me because a lot of times we have felt like we were the only ones struggling, that everybody else had it all together. I know this is not going to be an easy journey, but I really think we can do it!

Fireproof/Love Dare: For the marriage enrichment classes, we had to watch the movie Fireproof. It was so good. The acting wasn't that great, but the message was. The motto was "Never Leave Your Partner Behind." After seeing the movie, we pledged to go to six weeks of classes at our church and take part in the 40 day love dare. We are on day 2. On day one, you don't say anything negative to your partner. Done. Day 2 is all about "Love is kind," so you do some kind, unexpected gesture for your partner. The last few nights have been really rough for us because kids aren't sleeping so that means we're not sleeping...well I guess I should say Trey's not sleeping. I have been taking Benadryl for allergies so I'm sleeping like a baby. Once last night I woke up and he was asleep with Ainslee on the floor beside our bed. Such a good dad! So I made him a pot of coffee this morning to help wake him up. Not a big deal but not something that I normally do. Trey hasn't done anything 'unexpected' yet, but he does so much, I don't know how he'll fit anything else in. He gave all the kids their baths, did the dishes, and is now straightening the living room. But y'all, he does those things most nights! He is such a good husband! I'm not sure what Day 3 will bring. I'm off to read the next entry in the Love Dare!


Joanna Ashlock said...

That is so awesome! I love both these endeavors you are working on. I can't wait to hear more updates. Keep them coming! You are doing great! We love ya'll.

Robyn said...

Great news- wish we could join you on the Dave Ramsey. I loved the movie too but also share your sentiments about the acting. Ayric said they were all volunteers and not even professional actors, except Kirk Cameron. So I guess that explains it. Good movie though-