Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goint tutu crazy!

This blog is a little out of order because I still want to write a post about our weekend in the hospital, but this one if faster and more fun! If you know me and my sister, you know that she got ALL of the creative genes in our family. But I have a sudden urge to make stuff; I have even asked for a sewing machine for Christmas! Here's my first effort. I made a tutu for Ainslee's Halloween costume. She's going to be a punk rocker. The tutu is black with thin pink ribbon throughout and black/pink striped satin ribbon around the waist. I have three more tutus in mind to make probably in the next week. (See...really going crazy for tutus!) One is going to be an orange tutu halter dress with green satin ribbon around the top so as to look like a pumpkin. That's for Ava's costume. The other will be a pink tutu skirt with lime green satin ribbon that she'll wear for her birthday, that by the way is only 2 weeks away! I can't believe she's almost 1! The third that I have in mind will be a black tutu halter dress with black satin ribbon for a friend of ours that just had a baby. I thought it would make a good holiday dress if it turns out like I have pictured in my head!

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