Monday, February 11, 2008

A boy and his boots...

Layton has fallen in love...with cowboy boots! It all started when he was invited to a birthday party at Knick Knacks and Horseback, a local birthday party spot with horses, sheep, goats, rabbits and dogs. Well of course Layton was scared of every animal there, but he was feeling good because he was wearing his boots. I asked a friend of ours at church if her son had any boots that he had outgrown so she loaned these to us. Well Layton wanted to wear them all the time, with jeans, khakis, windpants, and as seen here, pajamas. He loved them so much that our friend so kindly said that he could have them. Her son had outgrown them and they probably won't work for her younger son. Thank you, Melissa; I don't know how we would have pried them off his feet!!

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